Client: Self initiated
Credit: Alexander Shayle

Tegola explores the use of the ‘Half Round’ terracotta roof tile as the primary element in a series of lamps. The theme of architecture is used throughout the design study, making use of texture, materials and silhouettes that reference construction and industrial equipment.

The warm and tactile materiality of the lamp shade contrasts the structural cast metal elements, creating a balance of simple forms and functionality.

The Collection presents itself as three different product typologies: A Table/ Tray Lamp, a Pendant Lamp, and a Task Lamp. 

To create the tray of the Table lamp, the form of the shade has been mirrored, creating a simple yet effective expression of form balanced with function. 

Heavy duty webbing elements are used to suspend the Pendant Lamp, and braided steel cable is held under tension to support the Task Lamp. This use of durable materials and tension to support heavy elements serves to create a brutalist elegance in the product’s form.


Alexander Shayle Design