Role for this project: Lead industrial designer and project manager

Client: Theawellbeing
Credit: therefore Product Design

Melo was the result of a two year project, undertaken at therefore Product Design and in partnership with TheaWellbeing. 

I was responsible for the initial research and project scoping, concept definition, design development and ultimately design for manufacture. This included generation of A-surface data which has been used for the final tool making, and problem solving various issues such as LED diffusion and user experience.

As project manager and creative lead, I was tasked with building the TheaWellbeing brand identity, social media channels and Kickstarter crowdfund campaign. The crowdfunding aspect of the project included the storyboarding and oversight of the Melo crowdfund film. I also delivered an animated CGI content piece for the project.

Melo was successfully overfunded with a total raise of £33,000 up from the £8000 goal.

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