W1 Filter

Role for this project: Industrial Designer
Client: ROK
Credit: therefore Product Design + ROK

The W1 filter pour over coffee dripper was designed in collaboration with ROK at therefore Product Design.

This project started from identifying a common issue with existing pour over coffee drippers: A large skill gap for entry level users, caused by the

pressure and water distribution found in a cone shape.

The solution was to create a ‘W’ shaped cross section with a ring shaped opening.

To break away from the existing form factor of the Hario V60, and other similar products, we removed the ‘mug handle’ from the form, instead introducing a rounded edge square base to the upper filter holder. The result of this was an easy to grip area at each corner when placed on any size vessel. 

Glass reinforced Nylon was introduced for the base to allow a snap fit connection, whilst a recyclable compression molded Bamboo fibers were used for the upper filter holder. 

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